New Poll – Support For Bail Reform Drops

A new poll released by Siena Research Institute today shows that support for bail reform in New York State has dropped dramatically since April 2019.

“In April, at least 60 percent of Democrats and independents thought the new bail law would be good for New York, while 55 percent of Republicans thought it would be bad,” Steven Greenberg of the Siena Research Institute said. “Today, independents have flipped from a 22-point margin thinking ‘good,’ to a 27-point margin saying ‘bad.’ Continue reading “New Poll – Support For Bail Reform Drops”

British PM Boris Johnson & Donald Trump Have New York Roots

Both the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and the prime minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, have roots in New York State. Both men were born in New York City. Trump was born in Queens in 1946 while Johnson was born in Manhattan’s upper East Side in 1964. Johnson’s father, Stanley, was studying economics at Columbia University when Boris was born. Continue reading “British PM Boris Johnson & Donald Trump Have New York Roots”

Winston Churchill’s Upstate New York Ancestors (History)

By Daniel T. Weaver

Sir Winston Churchill’s maternal grandfather, Leonard Jerome, studied law for three years with Marcus T. Reynolds, an attorney born in Minaville, NY. Reynolds, a Union College graduate, was the first person to practice law in Amsterdam before moving to Albany where he became one of New York State’s top attorneys. Before studying law with Reynolds, Churchill’s grandfather attended Union College in Schenectady, graduating in 1839. Continue reading “Winston Churchill’s Upstate New York Ancestors (History)”

Empire Center Report Claims Tuition Assistance Better Than Tuition Free Excelsior Scholarship (News)

New York’s Excelsior Scholarship, now offering tuition-free public college to students from families making up to $125,000 a year is “deeply flawed,” and the $119 million the state now budgets for Excelsior would be better spent on expanding the state’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for lower-income students, according to a report issued in late October by the Empire Center for Public Policy. Continue reading “Empire Center Report Claims Tuition Assistance Better Than Tuition Free Excelsior Scholarship (News)”

Thanksgiving Day 1822, 1893 & 2014 in Amsterdam, NY (History)

by Daniel T. Weaver

Thanksgiving Day 1893 was not a happy time for many people in Amsterdam. The Panic of 1893 was a financial crisis which lasted four years and had a negative impact on the city. Many newspapers blamed the crisis on free trade or the removal of tariffs on American goods. The city of Amsterdam was used as an object lesson for the “blighting effects” of “the tariff wreckers.” In an account in the Amsterdam Daily Democrat published the day after Thanksgiving, Amsterdam was described as a city where “Nearly every mill is shut down. Thousands of men and women, who a year ago were employed, are on the the brink of want. A recent Amsterdam dispatch declares that the Aid and Benevolent society is attempting to care for several thousand destitute families. People daily go from house to house begging for food. Local trade is at a standstill. Various charitable organizations are making constant appeals for help. Numbers are deserting the town.” Continue reading “Thanksgiving Day 1822, 1893 & 2014 in Amsterdam, NY (History)”

Number of New York State Double Dipping Retirees Increases by 10% (News)

The number of New York state and local government early retirees collecting both a paycheck and public pension grew by 10 percent last year, according to data posted on, the Empire Center’s transparency website, bringing the total number of double dippers to 947.

At least 30 government retirees were approved to collect combined pay and pensions of $200,000 or more—including six exceeding combined totals of $300,000. Continue reading “Number of New York State Double Dipping Retirees Increases by 10% (News)”

New Law Forces Pro-Life Groups To Hire Pro-Abortion Employees (News)

Signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo on November 8, a new law (S-660) makes it illegal to discriminate against an employee based on their reproductive healthcare decisions. While the law has the potential to protect women from discrimination who choose to carry a baby to term, the law’s justification makes it clear that its purpose is to protect women who decide to have an abortion. Justification for the bill as provided on the New York State Senate’s website is as follows: Continue reading “New Law Forces Pro-Life Groups To Hire Pro-Abortion Employees (News)”

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against NYS Green Light Law (News)

11/14/19 Update: The Erie County Clerk has filed an appeal.

U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Wolford granted a motion by the Office of the New York Attorney General on November 8 to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Erie County Clerk Michael (Mickey) Kearns to block the Green Light law from taking effect, a law that enables illegal immigrants to obtain New York State driver’s licenses. Continue reading “Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against NYS Green Light Law (News)”

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