New Poll – Support For Bail Reform Drops

A new poll released by Siena Research Institute today shows that support for bail reform in New York State has dropped dramatically since April 2019.

“In April, at least 60 percent of Democrats and independents thought the new bail law would be good for New York, while 55 percent of Republicans thought it would be bad,” Steven Greenberg of the Siena Research Institute said. “Today, independents have flipped from a 22-point margin thinking ‘good,’ to a 27-point margin saying ‘bad.’

Bail Reform Polls“While small majorities of suburban and upstate voters had thought the law would be ‘good,’ today, 56 percent of upstaters and 64 percent of downstate suburbanites think the law is ‘bad.’ While every demographic group moved more negative since April, joining independents and downstate suburbanites with the largest movement from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ was voters 55 and older. About two-thirds of black and Latino voters had thought the law would be ‘good’ and now that support is down to about half, still a plurality for both groups,” Greenberg said. “Certainly, all the attention this new law has gotten across the state has had an impact with voters and it is clear that a sizeable number of New Yorkers, who were optimistic that the new bail law would be good for the state, now believe the law is bad for New York,” Greenberg said.

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