Congressman Paul Tonko Votes Against USMCA Trade Agreement

Upstate New York Congressman Paul D. Tonko (D-20) voted yesterday against H.R.5430, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Implementation Act, citing its failure to address the growing threat of climate change. The Agreement, also known as “NAFTA 2.0,” was first announced by the President in September 2018 and, according to Tonko provided a number of damaging proposals for working Americans, doing little to prevent job outsourcing while including benefits to pharmaceutical industries.

Nay vote on usmca

“For 25 years, we watched NAFTA outsource American jobs. Under this agreement, we will see the continued outsourcing of pollution, undermining our domestic and international efforts to address climate change,” Congressman Tonko said. “While I am grateful to the dedication and work of Congressional Democrats to improve NAFTA, it still falls woefully short in these vital areas. The United States must get serious about the challenge of a changing climate and build international cooperation and commitments through all vehicles available to us, including our trade agreements. Trade negotiations do not happen frequently, but their impact is felt for generations. I cannot support a deal which fails to even acknowledge the global climate crisis that future generations will be left to bear.”

According to Tonko, “From the time USMCA was initially introduced, Democrats worked tirelessly to change the legislation, including removing giveaways for pharmaceutical industries to lock in high treatment costs and improving the original deal’s weak stance on labor standards. Despite these steps in the right direction, USMCA will not bring back the hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs impacted by the first agreement.”

The bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 385–41 and now heads to the United States Senate. Tonko joined the Squad and other progressives in the house to vote against the agreement.


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