The KKK Has Returned From North Carolina To Gloversville (News)

Some of the half dozen members of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klu Klan who are from the Gloversville, New York area have returned to upstate New York after being away nearly a year and a half. The group which leafleted the area in 2017 and were the subject of a three part series by the Gloversville Leader-Herald moved to North Carolina in 2018 so they could live closer to FBI informant and Imperial Wizard, Chris Barker.

They moved near Barker’s home in Pelham, just across the border from Virginia. Two of the more active Gloversville members, Exalted Grand Cyclops (local Klan leader), Nate Coty, and his wife Joleen, Kleagle (recruiter) for the Gloversville group, moved to nearby Yanceyville, NC. While in upstate New York, the Klan had primarily leafleted local communities and held gatherings in wooded areas in their white robes. When the Gloversville newspaper published its series on the Klan, the Klansmen and women were unwilling to show their faces or give their real names.

KKK flier
LWK KKK flyer found in Gloversville library book.

The acts members allegedly committed in North Carolina were much worse than what they allegedly did in upstate New York. Complaints were filed against some of the upstate NY knights while they lived in North Carolina. A neighbor of Nate Coty filed a complaint against him alleging the following.

“This family moved in beside of me in late Feb. 2018 from New York. We started having issues shortly after when they were ask not to let the children climb on my fencing and throw trash into my pasture.

The adults in the house were as many as 15 at times they all verbally harass me and my wife when we walk in the yard.

We have had to call the Sheriff’s Dept. for complaints and to have a paper trail of the issues.- We have been in fear of our lives for sometime now and it is taking a toll on my health. I have pictures of cross burnings noose hangings hate flags and readings – warning thrown in my driveway that I’m being watched.

On 4-28-18 they had a huge gathering for 12 to 16 hours of foul language, going to restroom in public-watching our property in ways of evil doing-and a cross burning-terrorizing my live stock, horse, cats, dogs etc with gun fire, [illegible] etc.”

“…The noose was hung on the property line after I walked the property line taking pictures of debris that they had thrown in the pasture. It was taken down on 4-27-18 after being up for 2 weeks-and everyone would shake the noose at us everytime they saw us outside. Adults, children, etc.”

Other complaints alleged that Coty littered and that he drove without a valid North Carolina license. Court records also allege that another former NYS Klan member, Joseph Marriott, committed second degree trespass and communicated threats to the same victim Coty allegedly threatened. This was not Marriott’s first brush with the law. According to independent journalist, Nate Thayer, “In January, 2013, Marriott, 30, was arrested and charged with 52 counts of animal cruelty after New York State Police confiscated scores of dogs living in their own feces chained and caged in an unheated barn in sub freezing temperatures.”

While the entire disposition of the misdemeanor charges in North Carolina is not known, the alleged victim filed for an order of protection. Sometime in July 2019, Coty returned to upstate New York. When Coty left Gloversville he had a wife. He came home without his wife but with a girlfriend. He has been working as a roofer since.

While the Gloversville Klan group was in North Carolina, the distribution of Klan material virtually ceased in the Gloversville area. However, After a year and a half with no Klan literature distribution in the area, in September of this year, KKK literature turned up again in the Village of Fort Plain, New York. It is not clear whether the local LWK KKK was responsible for it. Other than the distribution of literature in September, there has been no other known Klan activity in the Gloversville area.

For detailed information on each member of the Gloversville, New York Klan, check out Nate Thayer’s extensive reporting on his website.

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